Adobe Launches Tool in Lightroom for Easy AI-Editing


Adobe has launched Generative Remove, a powerful new tool in Adobe Lightroom. This innovation, powered by Adobe Firefly, simplifies photo editing by enabling users to remove unwanted objects with a single click. Available on mobile, web, and desktop, this tool promises high-quality, realistic results.

Ashley Still, Adobe’s senior vice president and general manager of Creative Cloud, stated, “We’re excited to bring the magic of Firefly to Lightroom’s millions of users – so they can live in the moment knowing they have the most powerful tools to edit, manage and share anywhere they are.”

Enhancing Everyday Workflows

Generative Remove is designed for both hobbyists and professional photographers. It offers non-destructive editing, allowing users to match removed areas perfectly with surrounding pixels. This tool is ideal for removing distractions in family photos or speeding up retouching workflows for professionals. Available as an early access feature, Generative Remove is now part of the Lightroom ecosystem.

Lightroom also introduces an AI-powered Lens Blur tool. This feature adds aesthetic blur effects with a single click, making photo editing faster and easier for all skill levels. Combined with Lightroom’s other editing tools, these new features streamline workflows and enhance creative possibilities.

Lightroom’s mobile interface has been redesigned for a more intuitive editing experience. This update aims to make photo editing fun and accessible for all photographers, from hobbyists to professionals.

Key Features of Generative Remove

Generative Remove simplifies complex editing tasks. It can remove stains from patterned shirts, wrinkles from tablecloths, and unwanted reflections in water. By engaging closely with the photography community, Adobe aims to refine this tool and expand its capabilities.

Lightroom’s new tools empower users to edit photos from any device. Key updates include:

  • Lens Blur: Adds aesthetic blur effects with new automatic presets.
  • Expanded Tethering Support: Includes the latest Sony digital cameras like the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V.
  • HDR Optimization: Enhances photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows, and vivid colors.
  • Instant Photo Library Access: Speeds up editing workflows on mobile and desktop apps.
  • Streamlined Mobile Editing: Prioritizes popular features for faster, more intuitive editing.

Adobe Firefly has driven an unprecedented response since its debut in March 2023, generating over 8 billion images. Firefly is trained on licensed content and designed to generate commercially usable content without infringing on intellectual property rights.

Adobe is committed to ethical AI development. A recent Adobe study found that 76% of U.S. consumers value transparency in AI-generated content. When Generative Remove becomes generally available, Content Credentials will be attached to edited photos. This feature, combined with C2PA-compliant cameras, ensures a chain of trust from capture to publication.

Content Credentials act like a “nutrition label” for digital content, providing tamper-evident metadata about how the content was created and modified. This initiative is part of the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), which aims to increase trust in digital content.


Generative Remove, powered by Firefly Image 1 Model, is available today as an early access feature across the Lightroom ecosystem. Lens Blur is now generally available with new preset functionality. For more information on Adobe Lightroom’s latest innovations, visit Adobe’s website.

Image: Envato


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