OpenAI Launches ‘ChatGPT Edu’ for Universities to Responsibly Bring AI to Campus


  • OpenAI has launched a new version of ChatGPT for universities, ChatGPT Edu. However, there’s no release date yet.
  • This tool is powered by GPT-4o and excels in mathematics, coding, and text interpretation. It can also summarize documents, search the web, and analyze data.
  • Universities have already been using ChatGPT Enterprise to help teachers, students, and researchers. Arizona State University, Oxford University, and Columbia University are some of the top OpenAI clients.

OpenAI Launches 'ChatGPT Edu' for Universities to Responsibly Bring AI to Campus

Just a few weeks after introducing GPT-4o to the world, which is the latest version of OpenAI’s flagship product ChatGPT, the company has launched another interesting product—ChatGPT Edu.

ChatGPT Edu is a tool geared towards education universities and will help them “responsibly deploy AI to students, faculty, researchers, and campus operations.”

It’s well worth noting how ChatGPT Edu came into being. OpenAI first offered its ChatGPT Enterprise services to the University of Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, Columbia University in the City of New York, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Oxford University.

Then, seeing how successful these collaborations were, OpenAI decided to create an entirely new platform dedicated to education. The above-mentioned participating universities have agreed that OpenAI has truly helped transform their campus. For example:

“Integrating OpenAI’s technology into our educational and operational frameworks accelerates transformation at ASU. We’re collaborating across our community to harness these tools, extending our learnings as a scalable model for other institutions.” – Kyle Bowen, Deputy CIO at Arizona State University

What Will ChatGPT Edu Include?

ChatGPT Edu will be powered by GPT-4o, which is supposedly 2x faster than its predecessors. Here’s what we know about ChatGPT Edu so far:

  • It supports 50 languages.
  • It excels in coding, mathematics, and text interpretation.
  • It can also summarize documents, browse the web, and analyze data.
  • Users can build custom versions of ChatGPT and share them with their peers.
  • It can generate superior quality content and is a lot faster.
  • It’s also completely safe to use, so the conversations and queries will not be used to train any OpenAI model. This one’s a biggie, especially because ChatGPT will now have a memory.
  • There are additional security features and administrative controls, such as group permissions, SCIM 1, SSO, and GPT management.

Read more: OpenAI announces a new safety & security committee after the last one was dissolved.

How Educational Universities Use ChatGPT Today

Universities are using ChatGPT to simplify writing grant applications, reviewing resumes, personalizing teaching, and even helping with grading.

Some universities are also using the tool for research purposes. For example, Professor Nabila El-Bassel’s team at Columbia University is using ChatGPT to analyze data for overdose intervention strategies. This new approach has significantly reduced research time.

Other universities are using OpenAI’s tech to enhance the learning process. For example, assistant professor Christiane Reves at Arizona State University is developing a custom GPT that would excel in the German language and will be able to provide personalized feedback and help faculties save time on grading each paper individually.

Lastly, I’d like to point out that students can also access the tool first-hand for their own benefit. For example, at Wharton University, Professor Ethan Mollick’s students have been using ChatGPT for reflective assignments.

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