Show HN: I built a Backend so Simple that it Fits in 1 YAML File


Our journey to rethink the backend

If you ask 10 backend developers what you should use for your app’s backend, they will probably come up with 10 different stacks. Why? Because there is no straightforward way to create a backend. One more step and you suddenly get overwhelmed with databases, runtimes, containers, infrastructure and so on.

Recently, we have seen cool Backend-as-a-Service products like Supabase or Appwrite gaining popularity as they offer a fast and reliable way to deploy backends. However, their no-code approach generates awful code difficult to follow, making apps less reliable. Moreover, using a UI is slower than coding, especially now that AI assistants are here to help you.

Finally, we strongly believe that we can eliminate the backend hassle without trading off our love for coding properly.


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