The 10 Best Lightweight Men’s Blazers for Summer, Tested by Style Editors


Best Overall Summer Blazer

J. Crew Kenmare Jacket in Pincord Italian Cotton

Kenmare Jacket in Pincord Italian Cotton

Now 30% Off

Credit: J. Crew

We’ve tested a bunch of blazers this past year. This one from J.crew is your all-purpose, no-brainer summer-weight jacket. J.Crew introduced the Kenmare design with a wider lapel, three buttons, and patch pockets as a more relaxed alternative to the legendary Ludlow. The 100% cotton jacket is versatile to keep in your closet for a wide range of wears.

We tested the English Khaki color (unfortunately sold out) at a casual wedding. That said, the blazer is easy to dress up for events, be it nuptials or work. Pair the navy-and-white-striped version with dark jeans, the coordinating suit pants, or light trousers for a polished look. Your favorite white dress shirt underneath will always be in style.

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Fabric 100% Cotton
Interior Unconstructed, partial lining in the front panels
Fit Relaxed Fit
Care Dry Clean Only

Best Summer Vacation Blazer

Percival Linen Tailored Blazer

Linen Tailored Blazer

Linen is king of summer-friendly fabrics. Sure, it can get rumpled and wrinkled, but that just adds character like a cool scar. Percival offers a linen blazer that begs you to pack a suitcase and board the next flight to anywhere with a beach.

Seven colors are available—as are matching trousers, if you want to make a suit out of it. The regular fit construction gives the outerwear added room in the body and sleeves to keep you comfortable.

Fabric 100% Linen
Interior Unstructured, 1/4 lined.
Fit Regular Fit
Care Hand Wash Only (the brand offers a linen care guide)

Best Summer Work Blazer

Buck Mason Parachute Poplin Carry-On Jacket

Parachute Poplin Carry-On Jacket

Traveler jackets are designed to be worn on the move, but as it turns out, they’re also great for staying in one place for long periods of time—like an office. Buck Mason might have accidentally designed the ideal work-from-work blazer.

Of course, it travels like a champ as well. We’ve tested this on cross-country flights, and the Carry-On Jacket still looked great after a five-hour journey. With three colors to choose from, you may want to stock up to make it through the summer.

Fabric 97% cotton, 3% Spandex
Interior Unstructured and Unlined
Fit Tailored Fit
Care Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, low iron if necessary

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Best Formal Summer Blazer

Todd Snyder Italian Linen Madison Suit Jacket

Italian Linen Madison Suit Jacket

Summer blazers may be generally less formal than their wool counterparts, but this particular one from Todd Snyder, which is one of our favorite menswear brands, certainly is not. Be it date night or a ritzy wedding, this is the perfect stand-in for a proper suit. You can also get the coordinating suit pants for a full, comfortable look.

While the traditional black will always do the trick, there are muted coral, soft green, light grey, and beige pinstriped options if you’re looking to brighten up your wardrobe.

Fabric 100% Linen
Interior Unstructured, 1/2 lined
Fit Tailored Fit
Care Dry Clean Only

Best Textured Summer Blazer

Billy Reid Archie Jacket

Archie Jacket

If you’re going to get a textured summer jacket, keep it simple. Something like the window plaid of the Archie Jacket from Billy Reid will match just about anything in your summer arsenal (trust us, we’ve tried).

Sure, there are more fun textures out there, but you want to lock down the basics first. This jacket does everything a solid khaki jacket can do, but with a little extra flavor.

Fabric 51% Cotton, 49% Linen
Interior Unstructured, 1/2 Lined
Fit Unstructured, modern cut
Care Dry Clean Only

Most Functional Summer Blazer

Relwen Flyweight Flex Blazer

Flyweight Flex Blazer

Relwen designed a blazer with all the functionality of a field jacket. Light, flexible, and mildly weather-resistant, this can function as an everyday warm-weather coat. The four-button closure with a throat latch means you can close it all the way up, yet you still have the smooth look of a blazer.

There are seven color options, if you’re not into the industrial green. And the tones are neutral, so they’re easy to pair with jeans or linen trousers, depending on where you’re heading that day.

Fabric 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex
Interior Unstructured, 1/2 Lined
Fit Classic Fit
Care Delicate wash on cold with like colors, lay flat to dry

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Best Summer Wedding Blazer

Ralph Lauren Polo Stretch Chino Suit Jacket

Polo Stretch Chino Suit Jacket

Cotton chino has always made a great summer blazer fabric, but it can be hard to move in. Thankfully, stretch cotton has solved that problem. Classic tan, black, and powder blue colorways give you options for a staple piece you’ll wear time and time again. You can also shop three different lengths for just the right fit.

Ralph Lauren makes a great chino suit jacket that stands alone as blazer for all of your formal summertime needs—full range of motion included.

Fabric 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane
Interior Unstructured, 1/4 Lined
Fit Modern Fit
Care Machine Washable

Best Summer Party Blazer

Vineyard Vines On-The-Go Seersucker Blazer

On-The-Go Seersucker Blazer

Now 75% Off

Credit: Vineyard Vines

There’s something about a seersucker blazer that sets the mood for a party. Maybe because the fabric is so lightweight and flexible that you might as well be wearing pajamas. Or perhaps it’s seersucker’s rich history of maritime leisure. Either way, Vineyard Vines makes your new favorite summer party blazer.

There are regular and short lengths available, too. If you love the seersucker material, but aren’t into the stand-out stripes, there’s a classic navy option that might be more your style.

Fabric 87% nylon, 13% elastane
Interior Unconstructed, Unlined
Fit Classic Fit
Care Dry Clean Only

Best Weekend Blazer

Faherty Inlet Knit Blazer

Inlet Knit Blazer

How do you take the lightweight feel and casual vibe of summer blazers to the extreme? Use a knit fabric. Faherty clearly knows a thing or two about comfort, having built a blazer that wears and feels like a cozy cardigan.

You can comfortably wear it around the house, to dinner and drinks with friends, or even to the office. Each color option has a brushed or heathered look to it, making it one of the more casual jackets hanging in your closet.

Fabric 91% Organic Cotton, 9% Recycled Polyester
Interior Unconstructed, Unlined
Fit Slim Fit
Care Dry Clean or Gentle Cycle

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The Investment Piece

De Petrillo Linen Suit Blazer

Linen Suit Blazer

Now 40% Off

Credit: De Petrillo

Like the Statue of David, this linen blazer is a master work of Italian artistry. From the wingspan of the lapels to the perfect tone of the horn buttons, every detail is considered. If you can afford craftsmanship like De Petrillo, it is well worth the investment. This jacket will have you looking effortlessly stylish every single summer.

The timeless piece is easy to dress up or down, and it’s bound to earn you a few compliments along the way. Heads up that there are limited sizes available of this splurge-worthy blazer.

Fabric 100% Linen
Interior Unconstructed, 1/2 Lined
Fit Regular Cut
Care Dry Clean Only

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