This BMW 507-Inspired Z4 Looks Like Something Elvis Would Drive Today


Throughout the 1950s and much of the 1960s, Elvis Presley was arguably the biggest star on the planet. A legit icon of rock & roll’s formative years, the hip-shaking “Love Me Tender” singer remains one of the most culturally influential figures of the 20th century. Elvis was, of course, renowned for his trend-setting personal style, but his taste in automobiles was just as legendary, with the singer counting a stunning fleet of rare hot rods, sports cars, and luxury vehicles in his personal collection.

Prominently featured in that collection was a pair of BMW 507s, both of which Presley purchased in 1958 while stationed in Germany during his stint in the military. The King’s seal of approval bestowed upon the roadster gave it instant icon status in automobile circles. Yet, the 507 never sold as BMW expected, with the automaker halting production on the vehicle in 1960. More than six decades after the 507 nearly bankrupted BMW, the automaker is paying homage to their iconic failure, jazzing up their Z4 build with some 507 style fit for a king, or even The King.

The 507-inspired Tender 5.7 is a funky sight to be certain, paying homage to the original’s sleek design while maintaining a distinctly modern look. The Tender 5.7 is more than modern under the hood too, boasting an upgraded B58 engine that produces 500 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, and we honestly can’t help but think Elvis would’ve relished the chance to push those kind of ponies on the open road.

The 507-inspired BMW is fit for, and priced for, The King

Elvis Presley's BMW 507

Aleksandra Budnik/Shutterstock

BMW bosses were, perhaps, motivated to revisit the 507 after one of Elvis Presley’s 1958 originals was uncovered gathering dust in a warehouse in California. That vehicle was, after all, lovingly restored by BMW’s own in-house team, straight down to the original white paint job that Presley painted over after fans littered it with red lipstick kisses. 

One look at the restoration is to marvel that the 507 didn’t sell in either Europe or America. As the story goes, price point was ultimately what doomed the sleek sports car to failure, with the 507 hitting the market at a cost of more than $10,000, roughly double what the manufacturer had intended. In the end, BMW only built 252 507s before pulling the plug on the model. That super-limited production run has, naturally, made 507s coveted by BMW collectors and those who seek to own a little part of Elvis’ pop culture legacy. These days, a 507 in good condition can be expected to sell for millions on the open market.

As for BMW’s funky Tender 5.7, the retro-inspired build is not only fit to be driven by The King, but also priced largely for folks in his general economic class. Per some reports, it’ll cost consumers more than $300,000 to add a Tender 5.7 to their own automobile collection. Though BMW has not officially confirmed that price point, it seems likely the Tender 5.7 will not be attainable for much of the Elvis-loving population. However, for wealthier fans of The King and the iconic BMW build, it will surely be a must-own.


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