This Viral Instagram Video Has People Rubbing Potatoes On Their Cars: Here’s Why


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It goes without saying that social media success can be unpredictable. Videos you never expected to reach an audience can hit tens of thousands of views, and before you know it, they start to appear on people’s Instagram Explore page and TikTok FYP. Just like that, a video has gone viral.

Social media automotive expert, @chequanxiaoqiao, who has an audience of over 4.1 million followers, has had her share of viral Instagram and TikTok videos. For instance, an Instagram Reel that she posted in April 2024, demonstrating how to judge the distance around a car accumulated over thirty six million views.

The automotive expert’s videos seem to be loved by millions worldwide. A few days ago, @chequanxiaoqiao’s Instagram Reel explaining the various benefits of potatoes to the automotive world blew up. At the time of writing, the post had already been viewed more than 2.5 million times. It’s also one reason why many people are running towards their local grocery store to buy potatoes and see what the hype is all about.

In the viral video, @chequanxiaoqiao detailed four benefits of using potatoes to maintain your car that she believes most drivers are unaware of. The real question is — do these potato hacks really work?

Do the viral Instagram Reel’s potato hacks really work?

Car windshield brushes


The first hack is a decade-old trick that involves using a potato to reduce foggy car windows and mirrors. While we can’t deny that potatoes can do the trick effectively, they may not be as effective as a product like RainX. So, if you do try it out, keep in mind that the effects aren’t going to last long.

The second trick involved using potatoes to remove rust from the metal parts of a vehicle. A potato may work well in removing surface-level rust because potatoes contain oxalic acid, which reacts with, and breaks down, rust.

Numerous household cleaning products and laundry detergents contain oxalic acid, and potatoes can be effective at tackling light surface-level rust. If you’re planning on using a potato to tackle severe and built-up rust, you’re better off purchasing a product like WD-40, which is known for removing severe rust from metals.

The creator also explained how you can use the tuber to clean aggressive stains from coffee cups. Again, this trick works due to the potato’s natural oxalic acid, which is great at removing difficult stains. Lastly, @chequanxiaoqiao claimed that it’s possible to use a potato to remove oil films that can form on a vehicle’s windshield and side windows. While this seems effective in the video, you’ll likely have clearer glass after cleaning with a dedicated alcohol-based glass cleaner.


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