Cult Gaia Pre-Fall 2024


Cult Gaia designer Jasmin Larian Hekmat took a walk outside to get her creative inspirations flowing this season. “My constant source of inspiration is nature,” she said. Here, that resulted in a cool palette of earthy tones—blues, creams, and greens—that were incorporated into her signature mix of easy, vacation-ready pieces. “With this collection, I really wanted to bring it back down to earth,” said Hekmat. “It’s definitely the most grounded collection I’ve ever done.”

Florals, naturally, made hefty appearances. In particular, Hekmat became obsessed with irises, utilizing the flower in a variety of ways. “It’s one of the most beautiful flowers,” she said. It appeared as gold hardware on her handbags, and was molded out of leather to create a shapely statement top. The designer also looked to water and the ocean for design cues; a slinky knit dress featured fringes of crystals cascading down it, like raindrops, while a pleated blue mini dress felt reminiscent of rolling waves.

Given Cult Gaia specializes in getaway attire, the focus on nature wasn’t a surprise. To make it feel fresh, Hekmat focused on experimenting with new materials, including satin for a long, powder-blue coat with molded flower embellishments along the sleeves.

Handbags continue to be the brand’s bread and butter. As with the clothes, Hekmat looked to natural sources to inform her shapes; a new Squash top-handle bag, for instance, resembled a gourd, especially in hunter green. Her heels meanwhile featured stilettos shaped into calla lilies. Hekmat said her customer isn’t afraid to embrace such statements. “We exist to inspire her—and to make you look twice.”


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