Reddit Announces First Ads API Partner in Sprinklr


Reddit continues to expand its business relationships, with a view to maximizing its revenue opportunities, this time through a new Ads API partnership with customer experience management platform Sprinklr.

Reddit Sprinklr

Sprinklr becomes Reddit’s first advertising API partner, while it’ll also integrate Reddit’s Data API, providing new ways to create more effective Reddit campaigns via Sprinklr’s platform.

As per Reddit:

“Sprinklr customers can now analyze the public conversations on Reddit to better understand how their audiences think, feel, and the actions they take. As a result, Sprinklr customers can better inform their paid and organic strategies on Reddit.”

And with the Ads API integration, Sprinklr users will also be able to access all of Reddit’s ad solutions directly through the platform, which will open up new opportunities, both for Sprinklr users and Reddit itself.

Thousands of companies use Sprinklr for social media management, including PepsiCo, Uber, Puma, and Honda, and giving them easier access to Reddit ads could be a big step for the app. Enabling them to tap into Reddit insights and promotions, within the platform they already use, could see more running experiments with Reddit’s offerings, ramping up intake.

It’ll also broaden opportunities for other businesses to tap into Reddit ads, and see whether they work for them, with more in-depth insights to drive performance.

Reddit’s also looking to appoint more partners for its Reddit Ads API, which is now available to developers and advertisers, further expanding third party ad opportunities.


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