Method Man Speaks On The Impact Of ‘Power’ And Praises Women-Led Projects


Clifford “Method Man” Smith has proven that where you start isn’t always where you end up. Coming on the scene in the 90’s as part of the incomparable Hip-Hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan, Meth has since transcended into a full-blown on-screen powerhouse.

Aside from his beloved films like How High with Redman, he’s gone on to show that he can dominate a recurring role as he’s done in the hit Starz series Power Book II: Ghost. The spin-off stemmed from the 2014 series created by Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent, where the world was introduced to The St. Patricks — a family that would create a whirlwind of drama, murder, and drug activity in New York City.

Book II: Ghost allowed fans to witness one of the most revered wordsmiths and MC’s take on a new role where he challenged himself to show many layers of one character. Throughout the series’ three seasons, the Staten Island native displayed compassion, romance, betrayal, sorrow, lust, triumph, vengeance, and much more.


The 53-year-old joined the cast in the second installment, as Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) had just murdered his own father, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and quickly stepped into manhood as a teenager. Smith came in as attorney Davis MacLean, who did a damn good job representing Tariq while also keeping his ears to the street.

What’s even more special is that he got a chance to share the screen with his sister-in-music and collaborator, Mary J. Blige, who plays Monet Tejada. Smith shared his appreciation for women-led projects, as MJB is the queen pin of this book.

As the series comes to an end, with millions of fans choosing who their favorite characters are, Meth is confident that he’s “good” on-screen. In the fourth and final season, his character is facing potential disbarment after a shooting, and as always, finds himself helping out Tariq and all that comes with him.

“He’s polarizing at best,” Smith told VIBE ahead of the show’s final season premiere. “I think Davis McLean is whatever people think of him. I would love to hear it or be a fly on the wall for the dialogue about that dude. You either love him or you hate him.”

Smith further dived into the impact of the hit Starz show and his own growth on Power Book II: Ghost with VIBE, sharing his admiration for his co-stars and more.

VIBE: Do you think there are any other shows out there that could ever top the impact that Power has had on entertainment television?

Clifford “Method Man” Smith: Not to take anything away from our show, but there have been a few and they’re female led at that. I think that as far as Black Hollywood goes, our sisters are moving the needle a lot quicker than the guys are, and I’m here for it.

When you found out that this would be the final season, where were you and how did you take that news?

I was good with it. I’m privy to information that you guys aren’t privy to. So if you didn’t see it coming, it’s warranted. Anyone that’s in the business knows that a lot of times with shows such as these — four seasons — you’re lucky to even get that. So I feel blessed.

Just watching yourself grow over the last couple of seasons, what do you feel you’ve learned about yourself the most as an actor and personally?

I’m good. That’s it.

If Book II wasn’t coming to an end, what would have been Davis MacLean’s journey?

I think I would do it the same way these writers did. I think they covered all their bases. They really threw their drawers in it, you know what I mean? Threw their arm, ankle, toe, everything in there for this final season. Even though it was unexpected, I think they did justice as far as being honest with the characters, and that’s the reason why people love the show.

What ultimately made you say yes to that role and as a recurring character?

They said yes to me, honestly. I was nervous from audition up until first day. Of course you’re nervous when you’re in a new space, but like I said in my first interview about the show, everybody was very accommodating. They had already been with each other for six years prior to that on the original show, because we’re a spinoff.

Naturi was very welcoming. Michael was always good. So the nervousness kind of went away after the first day of filming. I think that Courtney, 50, Mark and all the other people behind the scenes deserve their flowers.


Do you see yourself being in another production by 50 Cent?

I see myself in anyone’s production at this point, especially if it’s good. But yeah, 50’s a great guy. Cool dude.

Thinking back to all of the characters in Power who would you say was the number one villain and the number one hero.

It has to be Joseph [Sikora]’s character, Tommy — he’s still revered to this day. He’s kind of like the anti-hero. He’s a bad guy that you root for. I think it’s the best of both worlds and Joseph does an excellent job with the character. We love him. He’s a little bit of both.

The fourth and final season of Power Book II: Ghost premieres tonight on Starz at 8 PM ET. See Method Man speaking on the hit series and watch the trailer above.


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