Whoa! First Case Of Sexually Transmitted Fungal Infection Has Been Reported In The U.S.


Roomies, the first case of a sexually transmitted fungal infection has been reported in the United States.

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More Details On The First U.S. Case Of The Sexually Transmitted Fungal Infection

According to PEOPLE, the fungal infection is known as Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII, also referred to as TMVII. The outlet adds that the infection is a “type of ringworm that is not fatal but hard to treat.”

Additionally, it has reportedly been discovered in a man from New York City who traveled to England, Greece, and California. NBC News adds that the man had sexual encounters with “multiple men” over the course of his travels. When he returned to the U.S., he reportedly developed a “red, itchy rash on his legs and across his groin and buttocks..”

The outlet adds that the infection is usually “found in Europe” among same-sex male partners. The man’s cause of the TMVII was the first time the infection had been seen in the U.S.

NBC News reports that the man was immediately placed on “standard anti-fungal medications.” Furthermore, the infection subsided in about four months.

Should The Public Be “Alarmed”?

According to the outlet, an assistant professor of dermatology at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine named Dr. Avrom Caplan explained that there’s “no evidence that this is widespread.”

“There’s no evidence that this is widespread, or that this is something that people really need to be worried about,” Dr. Caplan reportedly stated via a case report published on June 5 by JAMA Dermatology. “But if people are having itchy eruptions in areas like the groin, and it’s not getting better, see a doctor.”

Dr. Caplan adds that the rash “may look more like an eczema flare than typical ringworm infections that form in circles.” The outlet notes that a TMVII infection can also cause permanent scarring to the skin.

Furthermore, Dr. Caplan stressed the importance of visiting a doctor if one thinks they have been infected.

“If you have a rash or lesions on your skin that aren’t getting better, and you think it might be ringworm, see your doctor,” he reiterated.

PEOPLE adds that the infection can surface on one’s face, limbs, groin, and feet.

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