This Military-Inspired PDF Workout Program Builds Strength and Muscle Without Equipment


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BODYWEIGHT HOME WORKOUTS don’t need to be easy. You won’t make progress at home if all you do is a few half-hearted pushup circuits—you need real focus and discipline to build strength and muscle outside the gym. To harness those qualities, you’ll need a rock-solid plan to follow. Thankfully, you’re an MH MVP, and you have access to this program designed by someone who has built his fitness perspective around these principles.

The Military Muscle at Home workout program was designed by trainer Erik Bartell, NASM, a former Army officer. The bodyweight-only routine will build strength and muscle at home without dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells—just your energy and focus.


This four-week plan will have you training five days per week. It’s structured around three key components:

Cardio Capacity Work

This program is more than strength training. Running and rucking make up two out of the five sessions every week to build up your cardiovascular endurance. This will give you a boost once you get to the next section, too—which will help you dig deep to get stronger.

Strength Circuits

You’ll train using bodyweight staples like pullups, pushups, lunges, and squats—and the sessions will increase in intensity as you progress through the program.


You’ll measure your progress through self-assessments, which will allow you to challenge yourself to perform at your peak. There’s a Week 1 assessment test in every single workout which will give you an instant gauge of your fitness level. And three weeks later, it’ll let you gauge how far you’ve come with this training program, too.

What are you waiting for? As an MVP, you have access to the 6-Pack Fast Track program—so download the PDF below.


Once you’ve finished this program, you can gain access to even more workout plans by joining MH MVP Premium.

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