Oop! DaBaby Claps Back At Fan Who Criticized Him For Not Wishing His Kids Happy Birthday On Social Media


DaBaby recently reacted after facing criticism for wishing his friends a happy birthday on social media but not his children.

The 32-year-old responded by calling the commenter a “d*** fool.” 

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A woman recently took to social media to tell the rapper he was foul for showing his “homies” love but not maintaining the same energy for his kids. She wrote, “DaBaby will post his homies birthdays but not his kids” with several crying-face emojis.

Baby — born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk —  responded, “My kids don’t have Instagram.”

Additionally, he replied to a commenter who highlighted how silly the comment was.

“i guess they forgot you telling the kids happy birthday in person,” the fan wrote.

‘The ‘Baby Sitter’ rapper seemingly agreed, writing, “D*** fool.”

Social Media Reacts To DaBaby’s Critic

Commenters under The Shade Room’s report weighed in on the interaction.

One Roomie stated that people should focus on themselves instead of a stranger’s life.

@nybangaaaa stated, “This is society’s problem. Everybody think that you are obligated to share your personal business with them all the time. Mind yours.” 

Another Roommate shared that Baby doesn’t have to dance for social media.

@iknowwhereiwanttoeat said, “His kids are with him all the time, he don’t need to wish a thing for social media.”

@coopdajuice quipped, “Everyone isn’t experiencing the type of mental illness that makes you create Instagram pages for your children.”

“Man if I ever get famous I’m not responding to nobody. Imma be like Beyonce and ignore them peasants,” @truely_royale wrote.

DaBaby’s Little Babies


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